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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation-- Lauren Sanchez The kids are out of school, time off has been submitted and family vacations are in full effect. Summer is here and with these extra activities being planned, sometimes the family pets are a little bit neglected. Whether your pets are traveling with you or staying with a sitter; here are some pointers to ensure your furry friends are enjoying summer just as much as you are: Emergency numbers should be left with the pet sitter. For example your pet’s regular vet as well as the closest emergency veterinarian’s contact information should be available. Also, both vets should be called and left with authorization for the pet sitter to treat your pet as well as a valid credit card. Emergencies can happen and by knowing your pet is in good hands, your mind will be at ease. For the pets lucky enough to ride along for the trip, a checklist of items should be marked off. Your pet should be up to date with all vaccines and documentation of these should be taken with you. Also, your pet should have an I.D. tag and microchip incase they wander off in a new place. Many areas have pet friendly hotels and restaurants so a search online can be conducted to accommodate your furry friend. Water should always be available and even more if traveling to a warmer climate. Lastly, in case of any emergencies, you should locate the nearest veterinarian to your vacation destination. Summer is a time that should be fun for all of the members in your family. When planning vacations, consider your pets and where they will be going. Also, keep in mind the luggage that your dog or cat will need on these trips. With proper preparation, the hot summer can be a positive and fun experience. If you have any questions about temperatures appropriate for your pet or what documentation you may need during your travels, please contact AV Veterinary Center @ 661-729-1500, All Creatures Veterinary Center @ 661-291-1121 of Canyon Country Veterinary Hospital @ 661-424-9900.

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