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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pest Control for Your Horses By: Dr. A Blake

Fly season is upon us and that means that your four legged friends are going to be bothered by those pesky flies! Today I will talk about a few tips to help your ponies stay fly free.  There are multiple options for ways to safely control flies.  Topical fly sprays are a great option to help fly control with your horses. I recommend an oil-based spray such as Endure made by Farnam.  This spray is sweat proof and can stay on for up to 14 days.  It also protects against other outdoor bugs such as: ticks, lice and gnats.   Another option for pest control is oral feed supplements.  I would recommend a product such as smartbug-off pellets made by Smart Pak.  This product is safe to use and contains many natural ingredients to help prevent flies, such as; garlic, apple cider vinegar, and omega 6 fatty acids.
 Other ways to safely protect your horse from flies would include: frequent manure removal and fly masks or sheets for the face.  Frequent manure removal helps by decreasing what physically attracts flies.  Although it will not solve the problem it will decrease the amount of flies.  Although fly sheets can be very helpful be sure to look at the material and take into account your horse’s environment to maintain a comfortable temperature and make sure the sheets are not too heavy.  Another fly control option, fly masks, not only control flies but in horses with white noses some masks have a nose piece that helps with sunburn.  Lastly, outdoor fly traps are also a good idea but make sure to put these products where horses and other animals cannot access them and ingest the material.   These are just some helpful tips to keep your four legged friend more comfortable this summer.   If you have any questions about horse products or need to schedule an exam, contact AV Veterinary Center @ 661-729-1500. We do house calls!